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With over a decade of manufacturing expertise, Voomig has been and will be devoted to the highest quality built tubs and full customer support.The high-end performance and competitive pricing of our products come from careful research and development, manufacturing, and sales performance of our team. We can elevate your brand, attract guests, or improve your clients’ experience with our Jacuzzis.

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Hot Tubs

Our hot tubs improve your customers’ quality of life with thier superior massage, bubble, and heating circulation system that melts away the stress from tense muscles. The stylish exterior can improve the appeal of any interior space and we also incorporate quality materials to make sure our hot tubs last for a long time.

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Swim Spas

For end users or project contractors, our swim spa provide the best in-house water activity with its simulated water waves and swimming depths. You can also provide the best water therapy to many of your target demographics with our swim spas massage bubble formations and temperature control.

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Want to Build Your Own Hot Tub or Swim Spa?

Voomig as a swim and tub manufacturers offer one stop solution based on your specification and expectation.

Our Certifications

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Why Choose Voomig

What Does Our Clients Say

  • We have guests who are very picky about amenities. Thankfully, Voomig hot tub enriched our guests' stay at our hotel. Their tub helped us drive customer referrals as well as many return bookings.

    Stephen John, Hotel Owner
  • I never thought it was possible, but Voomig actually came through with their promise of the best hot tubs on the market at a fraction of the cost of what you can find on Home Depot.

    Keith Cadwallader, End-User
  • My customers just love Voomig tubs that practically sell themselves. Their tubs got the features people want and their design looks like the kind any Hollywood big shot would love.

    Steven Cochrane, Dealer
  • I’m glad I took the lead and bought one of their swim spas. Voomig helpful staff walked me through the process of picking the right spa for my workout routine. Everything went smoothly because of their clear communication.

    Arthur Grady, End-user

Get Experience or Profits to the Fullest With Our Hot Tubs & Swim Spas

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  • No MOQ required
  • 5-year warranty

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