Why Voomig Tubs

  • Why Voomig Tubs

    Offering You Wellness & Fitness

    With a self-owned production line, Voomig can customize your hot tubs and swim spas with pressure nozzles, ergonomic seats, and other features that you need.

    Enjoy the multiple benefits our products offer, including:

    • Stress reduction
    • Detoxification
    • Muscle relaxation
    people are lying in Voomig's hot tub
  • Why Voomig Tubs

    Offering Quality Construction

    By carefully manufacturing our spas, you are guaranteed a long service life and maximized enjoyment from our products.Building each of our spas from scratch, we impose the highest standards to ensure quality, from the materials used to the methods applied.

    • Thicker insulators and cylinder bodies
    • Carefully installed valves and wiring
    • Low-noise machinery
    technican in Voomig is polishing the surface of hot tubs for solid construction
  • Why Voomig Tubs

    Bringing Best Massaging Experience

    The hydrotherapy jets installed in each spa or tub provide a relaxing and effective massage experience, alleviating the pain end users have in their bodies. These jets are fully adjustable and properly calibrated to give your customers the freedom to choose light or heavy pressure.

    • Rotary water jets
    • Pivot water jets
    water jets under the water
  • Why Voomig Tubs

    Providing Full Filtration & Sanitization System

    Not only focusing on the spa construction, our team also makes sure that the water dispensed by the spas is fresh for the end users. Each tub is equipped with the latest full filtration and sanitation system to ensure water flowing into the tub is clean and fresh all the time. For pristine water quality in every use, this system includes

    • Paper buckets
    • Ozone generators
    • Mixers
    Ozone generator
  • Why Voomig Tubs

    Offering Optimal Lighting & Stereo System

    We complete customer’s pleasant experience by adding top-of-the-line audio and visual components in each hot tub and swim spa. With an intelligent control panel, and in line with the latest in technology, our products are easy to operate. Options include:

    • Waterproof lights
    • Hi-Fi stereo system
    • Wi-fi controlled operating system
    lighting and stereo systems

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