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With rich experience in hot tub wholesale, and highlighted by a full production line and strong supply network, Voomig has the ability to manufacture hot tubs in different seat sizes, shapes and dimensions. Available with more than 100 in-stock models and a wide array of accessory options, we can supply tubs for both indoor and outdoor use.

Our full ODM service helps you satisfy your target demographic’s taste. You can choose the interior body color, accessories, and exterior structures for your custom hot tub. Our experienced design team will help you conceptualize a tub that can make an impact on your target market.

Exclusive & Impactful Tub Features

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  • Therapeutic Massage

    Powerful jets in key positions conveniently deliver pressure to a user’s body, while the heating system raises the water temperature to a beneficial level, offering stress relief.

  • Water Filtration

    Our tubs keep the water clean and ensure customer safety by utilizing a superior filtration system and an ozone system for efficient sterilization.

  • Energy Saving

    The excellent insulation of our hot tubs slows down the speed at which the water in the tub gets cold, controlling the constant temperature automatically and saving the energy.

  • Easy Operation

    The Balboa control panel with an easy-to-operate interface offers useful options, like turning on the jets, adjusting the temperature, activating the lamps, etc.

  • Ergonomic Design

    User-friendly design of the interior tub comfortably supports the natural shape of the body, elevating user experience and optimizing therapeutic benefits.

  • Insulation

    Advanced production technology delivers exceptional insulation performance of our tubs, resulting in water that stays warm for a long time and tubs that function well at -40℃.

Diverse Tub Applications

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Factory Direct Hot Tubs In Stock!

Offering standard or custom hot tub designs, Voomig wholesales top-quality hot tubs at a competitive price.

Best-In-Class Quality Starts With Durable Tub Parts

  • Efficient & Powerful Tub System

    Utilizing a self-developed processing technique, our production keeps pace with the latest trends in water pumps, heating systems, and other technical components, regularly improving the quality and capabilities of our hot tubs.

  • Super-Clean Water Care System

    By reducing spa drain and refills, our team innovates the water care system to ensure it provides the cleanest water experience possible and allows users to conserve water for a period of 3 months minimum. The filtering system can ensure fewer chemicals are added and no harsh odors are present.

Build Your Own Tubs

When your order comprises more than 1*40HQ , you can purchase custom-shaped tubs based on our free self-developed molds. Voomig has an incredible number of in-stock hot tub models available with unique features and performance characteristics.

A wide array of custom options can bring you one-of-a-kind hot tubs and satisfy your target demographics’ requirements.

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    Shell Sizes
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    Cover Patterns
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