Water Care System

100 % Filtering

Our hot tubs and swim spas thoroughly capture most contaminants through our efficient filtration system. Competitors’ tubs usually have an inefficient filtration system that leaves behind plenty of dirt and debris in the water.

Our water care system circulates the top and bottom portions of the interior to a paper bucket filter that completely captures 100% of contaminants from the water. The bucket filters are also easier and more affordable to maintain every six months.

  • efficient filtration system inside the hot tub

Efficient Water Sanitization

We incorporate a top-grade ozone generation system to our hot tubs and swim spas for superior water treatment, as it can efficiently sanitize the water with minimum effort from the end user, resulting in low maintenance costs.

Ozone disinfects the water by deactivating viruses, bacteria, and other harmful microorganisms. Furthermore, ozone does not leave behind any chemical residue like chlorine.

  • high quality tub components bring superior efficent water treatment

Maximum Water Purification

Our hot tubs and water spas use a dynamic ozone injector and a mixing chamber for their water sanitization systems which are built to last for a long time and consume less energy when purifying the water.

Ensuring that the ozone inside has been mixed to the fullest, the system delivers a sufficient amount of ozone to each section of the tub’s interior through the form of bubbles.

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