Our Advantages

  • Premium Quality Raw Materials

    Our trusted supply network provides us with raw materials that are durable and sustainable. Benefit from our tub components that ensure stability and greater quality that your customers can rely on

    • Branded tub surface materials
    • Imported control system
    • Full incoming material testing
    • Replaceable tub accessories
    arclyic solid surface sheet
  • Customer-Required Model Design

    Whether you have a clear product design or require ODM services, our designer can help you with what your need thanks to our 10 years of industrial experience. Make profit with our tubs and their excellent ergonomics and functions.

    • Considerable number of in-stock models
    • Self-owned molds
    • Original and appealing design
    • Flexible custom options
    emgineer is building the 3D model of hot tubs based on customer requirements
  • Enduring Structure Design

    We have devised cylinder tub bodies that are thick and smooth enough. The spa skirt of 15mm thickness enhances heat insulation and aluminum strips are flawless. These features solidify our ability to produce long-lasting tubs that your customers can trust.

    • Proficient structure designers
    • Advanced processing equipment
    • Self-made production process
    • Complete performance tests
  • Lean Manufacturing

    Our strong manufacturing capabilities allow for a wide range of customization options for our products and secure a long service life for user convenience. Streamlined production delivers our spas at affordable prices based on careful market research.

    • Full production line
    • Robust supply chain
    • Semi-automated production
    • Well-managed SOP
  • Full Testing System

    Certified quality products help earn the trust of your customers and result in constant returns. All products will be tested twice before shipment to ensure that the products are shipped without any problems. Strict quality inspections includes but are not limited to

    • Appearance inspection
    • Function testing
    • Waterproof testing
    • Tub assembly testing
    hot tubs made in self-owned factory is undergoing the test
  • Safe Packaging

    Safe packaging guarantees that your products arrive intact and resists harsh conditions. Packaging materials sourced from trusted suppliers undergo functional tests. Voomig’s packaging workshop secure all spas while on delivery by using materials like

    • Steel frame
    • Pallet
    • Anti-collision foam paper
    • Wooden box
    a line of well-packed hot tubs and swim spas that are ready to ship
  • Hassle-Free Product Warranty

    All of our products are covered under our warranty policy, from a 5-year cabinet warranty to a year coverage for tub accessories. When we find any damage on our products, we repair or replace them for free.

    • 5-Year Cabinet Warranty
    • 3-Year Shell Warranty
    • 2-Year Accessories Warranty
    • 24/7 technical consultation
    technician is assembling the parts of hot tub

Get Experience or Profits to the Fullest With Our Hot Tubs & Swim Spas

  • Free 24/7 consultation
  • In-stock model or custom design available
  • No MOQ required
  • 5-year warranty

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