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    An initial design concept starts with the layouts of lounges and jets, and with patterns. Whether it is a standard model in a house or a customized design, we use this idea as the basis of our project.

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    Shell & skirt colors

    Choose from our pattern selection to complement the design aesthetics you are after. The visual aesthetics of the spa’s exterior help tell your audience what you are about.

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    Tub & spa sizes

    Different markets may require different spa sizes for their audiences. Define your desired dimensions for the project and our team will masterfully create them with accurate measurement.

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    Accessory options

    Looking to introduce a specific feature for your target audience? Tell us specific product requirements and accessories, and our experts will have them applied to your spa project.

Your Reliable Custom Hot Tub Provider

  • No MOQ

    No need for you to wait for large quantities to place a custom order with us, as the fees on developing a tub mold can help you get the exact shape you need. And when you place a 1*40 HQ order, there are no fees on tub molds.

  • Sensitive Market Insights

    Being in touch with the latest trends in the manufacturing industry, we look at what works, what is popular, and what is in demand, so we can provide expert advice on your project, especially for the hotel owners.

  • Cost-effective custom-made spa

    Thanks to advanced technology and well-furnished production line, we offer cost-effective spas while maintaining high quality. With customizable parts, you can dictate how your spa functions.

The Voices of Our Clients From 300+ Projects

  • “We love working with them, as don’t have to wait for large quantities to place an order. With No-MOQ order, you can buy as little or as much as you need.”

    ————– “Why We Would Choose Voomig”

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    Ben Tompson
    CEO, Wholesale Brand
  • “Voomig is absolutely an optimal choice in the spa manufacturing industry. They know exactly what we need based on our market, they give us ideas about what we need to make and sell, and they greatly improve our business.”

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    Julian Steve
    GM, Brand Owner
  • “When we started working with them on our first hot tub, their suggestions were not only exactly what we wanted but affordable as well. With their help, our products did well on the market. We highly recommend them.”

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    WIliam Jackson
    Director, Distributing Company

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