• 8801 planview pool and spa
  • 8801 side view exercise pool
  • 8801 side view hot tub pool combo
  • 8801 planview pool and spa
  • 8801 side view exercise pool
  • 8801 side view hot tub pool combo




Installing a hot tub pool combo is the perfect product that’s bound to entertain users of all ages, from adults to children. Buy yours today!

Seats: 7-9 Persons


Water Capacity:960L(hot tub)+5200L(pool)

Lounge: 1

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Control system: USA Balboa Control system USA Balboa
Shell USA Arishtech acryl Circulation pump 1×0.5HP
Circulation pump 1×0.5HP • Hydromassage pump 1×2.5HP + 1x2HP
Swim pump 3x3HP • Air blower 1x400w
Hydromassage pump 1x2HP • Heater (Balboa) 1x3kw
Heater (Balboa) 1x3kw • CD ozonizer: 1x50mg/h
CD ozonizer 1x1000mg/h • Ozone injector and mixer 1 set
Ozone injector and mixer 1 set Total quantity of jet  (304 stainless steel) 73pcs
Perimeter LED lights 43pcs Hydromassage jets 65pcs
EHeavy-duty insulation cover 2pcs Air nozzles 8pcs
• Pop-up fountain with LED lights 1pc
Spa cover 1pc

Versatile Spa Manufacturing Options

Pool bodies

Whether your customers or guests need a swimming pool for their families or just for two people, we can accommodate their requirements with our flexible shell size options. The size options we offer make it possible for anyone to own a swim spa at a reasonable price.

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    Silver White Marble

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Cabinet Colors

Voomig comprehensive ODM services offer you numerous colors for the pool body, cabinet, and cover of your custom swim spa. The different options available can help you find the right finish that matches the interior design of any particular home, hotel, or resort.

  • s06 tab2 pic 1

    PS-01 Coffee

  • s06 tab2 pic 2

    PS-02 Grey

  • s06 tab2 pic 3

    PS-03 Natural

  • s06 tab2 pic 4

    PS-04 Black

  • s06 tab2 pic 5

    PS-05 Red

Cover Colors

Covers not only protect the interior of our swim spas, but they also complement the exterior finish of our tubs. Voomig has a rich selection of covers that can match the needs or requirements of your customers for their swim spas.

  • s06 tab3 pic 1

    C-01 Solid Black

  • s06 tab3 pic 2

    C-02 Solid Grey

  • s06 tab3 pic 3

    C-03 Red Browm

  • s06 tab3 pic 4

    C-04 Light Browm

  • s06 tab3 pic 5

    C-05 Stripe Grey

  • s06 tab3 pic 6

    C-06 Dark Brown

  • s06 tab3 pic 7

    C-07 Stripe Black


You have full control over how many water jets will be installed on your custom hot tub. We can help you create a therapeutic tub with numerous water jets or a casual tub that creates a soothing water motion.

  • s06 pic tab4 1

    Direct Nozzle

  • s06 pic tab4 2

    Rotary Nozzle


Packaging With our full cover options, you can satisfy any of your customers' requirements intended for the protection of their swim spas. Part of our extensive ODM/OEM service includes a vast array of cover colors, ranging from solid black, solid grey, red-brown, and stripe black.

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    Stainless Steel frame

  • s06 pic tab5 2

    Cable Slot

  • s06 pic tab5 3

    Bottom Base

  • s06 pic tab5 4

    Packing Pallet


We provide a full range of packaging for each of your custom hot tubs that contain your company logo and relevant info. With the right packaging, you can drive your brand among your target markets.

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    USA Aryclic

  • s06 pic tab6 2

    Balboa Control System

  • s06 pic tab6 3

    LED Lights

Add-on Spa Accessories

Make spa sessions more enjoyable for your customers by adding entertainment features. Complete your customer’s hot tub experience with additional enhancements that are specially made for your spa. Replacement covers are custom-made to provide a snug fit and are made of durable materials that maintain their strength even when exposed to harsh elements over a long period of time.

Tub Enhancements
  • s07 pic 1 1

    Movable bar table

  • s07 pic 2 1

    Towel holder

  • s07 pic 3 1

    Bar table (200x30cm-1pc) and Barstool (90cm-4pcs)-

  • s07 pic 4 1

    Fitness rope

  • s07 pic 5 1

    Swim Tether

  • s07 pic 6 1

    Aquatic rowing system

  • s07 pic 7 1

    Cabinet free cover lifter

  • s07 pic 8 1

    UV disinfection system

  • s07 pic 9 1

    Magic VAC pool bottom cleaner

  • s07 pic 10 1

    SS316 underwater bicycle

  • s07 pic 11

    Aromatherapy canister & essential oil pack-

Audio System
  • s07 tab2 pic 1 1

    DVD/CD/MP3/USB player

  • s07 tab2 pic 2 1

    Aquatic digital media locker with radio, buetooth and USB

  • s07 tab2 pic 3 1

    Ethink bluetooth player

  • s07 tab2 pic 4 1


  • s07 tab2 pic 5 1

    Pop-up speakers with LED lights-2pcs

  • s07 tab2 pic 6

    6” cabinet-mounting speakers -2pcs

  • s07 tab2 pic 7

    3” cabinet-mounting speakers with LED lights-2pcs

Fountain & Lights
  • s07 tab3 pic 1 1

    Corner LED lights of cabinet-4pcs

  • s07 tab3 pic 2 1

    Pop-up fountains (6pcs/4pcs)

Upgrade Insulation
  • s07 tab4 pic 1 1

    Upgrade the thickness of spa cover from 10cm to 12cm

  • s07 tab4 pic 2 1

    Additional 25mm insulation foam between spa frame-

  • s07 tab4 pic 3 1

    5mm /15mm insulation on bottom base

  • s07 tab4 pic 4 1

    Upgrade PU insulation of tub body from 25mm to 45mm-

Control Systems
  • s07 tab5 pic 1 1

    Upgrade Balboa control panel to spatouch II panel

  • s07 tab5 pic 2 1

    Balboa WIFI receiver

  • s07 tab5 pic 3 1

    Upgrade Gecko control panel to in.touch K1001

  • s07 tab5 pic 4 1

    Gecko WIFI receiver

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1.Can you stand on the thermal insulation cover?

    Some people measure the insulation cover by whether it can stand or not. It seems that the more people standing, the better. This is a misunderstanding. The most important function of the thermal insulation cover is to keep warm, and the second is to ensure safety. The design of the thermal insulation cover is generally thicker in the middle and relatively thin on the left and right sides, forming an inclined angle. In this way, Rain water can stay along this slope without piling up on the lid. The person standing on the lid can easily cause a depression in the middle of the lid, thus damaging the thermal insulation cover and affecting the unloading function of the lid.
  • 2.Can infants and young children use hot tub?

    Yes, but there are premises. First of all, the water temperature should be avoided. The hot tub can generally set a water temperature of up to 42 degrees Celsius. But for infants and young children, a water temperature of 37-38 degrees Celsius is appropriate. In addition, infants and young children must be accompanied by adults when using the bathtub.
  • 3.How to save electricity when you don't use the spa in winter?

    If you don't use the bathtub for a long time, it is recommended to empty the water. This can prevent the cold weather from freezing the water and causing the water pipe to burst. If the spa is used frequently, the water temperature can be set when it is not in use, for example, 37 degrees Celsius, and keep the electricity on.
  • 4.The bathtub is already equipped with ozonizer, do you still need to use chemical?

    If you don't want to use chemical, you should change the water frequently. If you find it troublesome to change water frequently and want to maintain clean water quality and acid-base balance in the next 3-4 months, use chemical. There is no way for Ozone to balance pH.

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